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DocDev is translating and writing user and technical documentation for Finnova.

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DocDev is writing internal technical documentation for the SCC SENT team of BNP Paribas Fortis.

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DocDev starts (re)writing and translating the DLW website in French and English.

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DocDev's contract at Belgacom is extended by 3 months.

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If you are looking for a professional who can write marketing copy for your product or service, you have come to the right address. We are more than happy to write the texts for your website or the marketing documentation for your product or service.

In order to get your product or service better and to get the drift of what you want to achieve, we suggest to have a face-to-face first and to draw up a communication plan together laying out the exact purpose of the communication.

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Text Redaction

Some companies want to draw up their communication themselves. In order to do so, they have to disengage collaborators to write the copy.

In most cases these texts are written by the man or woman who is most proficient about the product or service, a technician or specialist. However, this approach is bound to result in texts of lower quality.

The problem with these texts is often that they are written to convey all information about the product or service, rather than to do what they are supposed to do: establish communication.

These text often miss the point of their purpose: they are confused about which audience to target. Each audience requires its own, specific approach. There is no one-size-fits-all for communcation.

In order to make a text “work” it is essential that the text be sound structurally, linguisticly and with regard to content. That is why DocDev offers you the service of text redaction. Tarriffs are always on an hourly basis, and vary per level of revision.

DocDev distinguishes between the following types of text redaction:

  1. Linguistic revision: revision of spelling and grammar
  2. Full revision: linguistic revision + logical and stylistic revision

Before we accept an assignment, we take the liberty to estimate the quality of the text beforehand in order to get an idea of the workload.

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