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DocDev is translating and writing user and technical documentation for Finnova.

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DocDev is writing internal technical documentation for the SCC SENT team of BNP Paribas Fortis.

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DocDev starts (re)writing and translating the DLW website in French and English.

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DocDev's contract at Belgacom is extended by 3 months.

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website localisation

- "My graphics have not been translated!"

- "Because they are no translatable text."

- "What do you mean, no translatable text?"

- "They can only be translated if you give us the source files."

- "The what?"

- "The source files, from the programs in which they were made."

- "We did not make these graphics ourselves."

- "Then then you will have to inquire at the company that made them."

- "I wasn't aware. So, you can translate my graphics as well?"

- "Yes we can, provided you send us the source files."

Sounds familiar?


DocDev offers you the services of translation and localisation of both classic text documents and the online information. The format of the text is of little importance, whether it be MS Word, Open Office, Framemaker, InDesign, QuarkExpress, Interleaf, MS Publisher, HTML or XML, we know how to handle it. And in case an exotic format should arise, we commit ourselves to finding an intermediary format in order to get the job done.

DocDev offers you translation, localisation and translation project management in three languages (English, French and Dutch) and offers this service in all mutual translatio directions. Prices are calculated on the basis of 60 characters per line (spaces included) of the source text. For other language combinations, please get in touch with us.


In order to enhance translation efficiency, we use a translation database. This way of working is called computer assisted translation in the industry, or CAT for short. All translation for a particular customer or for a particular industry sector, pass through the database.

The big advantage of CAT translation is that anything that was translated in the past, does not need to be translated again when the source text is updated. The computer “knows” the translation already. On top of that, the computer is able to suggest translations for sentences that do not differ too much – let us say up to 30% – from a sentence that is already in the database. This is a win-win for both customer and translator. The gain in efficiency is so substantial that the translator is able to give a repetitiveness rebate to the customer based on the repetitiveness of the text calculated by the translation database. This is especially handy for procedure manuals which have a lot of repetitiveness. It also enables the translator to build a long-lasting relationship with her customers.

CAT also enables to enhance the consistency of translations. All identical translation segments are automatically translated in an identical fashion by the translation database. Additionnally, most modern CAT tools allow to import terminnology lists making your translations breathe authenticity and relevancy.


DocDev also specialises in localisation. The term is often used as a synonym of translation but in fact it is . Apart from translation, localisation also includes adapting the source text as far as the content and/or form/medium is concerned to the local market. Localisation is a priority issue for companies that venerate local culture.

We think of localisation as taking on technically more complex projects like localising a set of deliverables containing the localisation of the software, the user manual and the marketing documentation.

The medium should never be an obstacle as far as the localisation is concerned although localisation projects may range from websites, to multimedia files, DTP files, instructional movies to software programs. These kind of projects are just up the alley of the technically endowed translator in our complex information society.

Translation project management

An extra service that DovDev offers is translation project management. If you have large translation projects, DocDev carries them out for you. Years of experience at translation offices gave us insight in the way the translation process works, from analysis, to outsourcing, to follow-up, to customer validation and delivery.

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